Porsche Gaming

The performance of a Porsche leads the way not only on the road, but virtually.

Porsche models feature across mobile games from console to sim racing, encouraging the drivers of tomorrow to gain familiarity with the qualities that make a Porsche model unique.

For Porsche GB, we introduced an organic social media audience to the breadth and history of Porsche models in gaming. Using Instagram Stories, we invited fans to share their favourite games, join in with the hashtag #PorscheGaming and vote on interactive polls. On Twitter, we shared classic Porsche models in games, reminding fans of nostalgic titles and the long history that Porsche has had with video games.

As a result, the work has been seen by a new demographic of Porsche fans who now follow Porsche GB social media channels, and shared with markets around the world to activate their own gaming strategy regionally.