The Rise of Artificial Intelligence.

At Keko London, we are endlessly fascinated by technology. As AI is frequently featured in today’s news, we thought it would be interesting (we hope) to give you an insight into some of the latest innovations and statistics where appropriate.

AI has, to date, reached us through channels such as Netflix, but is now at the forefront of user experiences such as self-driving cars and online chatbots, assuming a more salient role in our lives.

So what are chatbots exactly? These are apps driven by artificially intelligent processes that can conduct ‘natural’ conversations with consumers. They are becoming increasingly powerful tools for brand marketers looking to engage customers in a more efficient way. A new report from Juniper Research forecasts that chatbots will be responsible for cost savings of more than $8bn a year by 2022, up from $20m this year. Meanwhile, global analysts Forrester revealed last month that 57% of global businesses are either already using chatbots or plan to begin doing so this year. That’s an enormous amount of artificial conversation taking place.

On that note, we recently saw a rather thought provoking ad on the tube. Insomnobot-3000 have just launched a chatbot dedicated to keeping you company if you can’t sleep – perhaps you had one too many coffees that day? What this means is that conversations aren’t just restricted to the digital sphere anymore, they are now entering our individual and private living ‘spaces’. Amazon’s Alexa in another example of this.

Having clients in the luxury automotive sector, we’re fascinated by how AI (and new technology) will co-exist smoothly with automobiles. Recently, the industry introduced What3words: a mapping system which has divided the world into 57 trillion three-by-three square metres with each section awarded 3 words. With some streets names occurring more than once, for example Church Road in London, and postcodes taking you to the road but not necessarily the right number, What3words seems like a (logical) great idea. Could this be the future of navigation? We had a look and if you’re keen on coming to see the Keko London office, our new address is: will.sober.penny.

On the subject of automobiles, the concept of driverless cars quite frankly blows our minds. And we’ve got some pretty powerful minds behind the team at Keko London. Isn’t it scary to think that the days of self-driving cars are not far away? Passenger economy means 250 million hours of dead commuting time will be freed up. That’s a whole lot of hours for a whole lot of new creative ideas to materialise. Aside from the obvious benefits of having more time to ‘think’ in an era where ‘time is luxury’, the realisation that AI is so advanced it can autonomously DRIVE you wherever you want is, perhaps just for some of us, unfathomable. Industry professionals are excited, but are consumers ready? Research shows that “the emotional acceptance of technology will be more tightly influenced by safety” (EMEA) but ultimately consumers will accept being driven (just as we have had to accept driverless trains between airport terminals).

Although many of us fear the unknown and some even the rise of killer robots, Eric Bee (Executive Producer at R/GA) is quick to step in and reassure us that should AI behave irresponsibly, or cause chaos, the team behind it could simply wipe its memory clean. Phew!

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