The Art of Invisibility.

By 10th October 2017 No Comments

By James Deeley, Head of Customer Experience.

As Keko London grows to meet the present and future needs of our clients and their customers, we are introducing and fostering new skills that position ourselves to provide the best support for our clients for the future. I know as I’m one of those new people in my role as Head of Customer Experience. But what is this? What does it do? And importantly, what difference will it make?

Largely, it’s about becoming invisible.

The sophistication in the manner that customers and audiences perceive and interact with brands and their products is continuously reinventing itself, spread across a growing list of channels, platforms and services, ever evolving and fragmenting into smaller groups of interests.

Today’s customer can easily interact with over thirty different brand and product touchpoints, with new ones arriving with breathtaking regularity, as technology, culture and media consumption shift and change. In this world of rapid technical achievement and increasingly personalised networks, finding, creating and maintaining a consistent and connected presence to the customer experience is both our challenge and aim.

This is a landscape that faces every organisation but one that is an expectation for luxury and premium brand customers, and when expectations are not met, when the brand experience is disjointed, it is often viewed as failure and presents a significant challenge to re-engage.

Increasingly this ‘high stakes’ environment requires strategic planning and integration across the whole of a business and its operation, from communications to retail, marketing to operations, broadcast to social media, prospect to advocate, to understand, inform, excite and convert their customers.

By using data and insights as our foundation, at Keko we look to partner with our clients across their full business to define, plan and design a branded customer journey that enables us to get closer to customers, to understand their motivations, influences, decision making process and behaviours. This foundation then allows us to orchestrate meaningful brand experiences, creatively ambitious campaigns and innovative concepts that flow across each touchpoint, reflecting and anticipating the customer needs. This enables us to find ways we can be daring yet effective, individual yet consistent, imaginative yet efficient.

Our clients create some of the world’s most beautiful and intelligent products, born of their own distinctive beliefs. Our aim is to help create the world’s most beautiful and intelligent customer experiences from our own.

Done well the wires are hidden, the joins don’t show, and the customer journey is effortless, effective and exciting.

Done well, our efforts become invisible to customers.