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The Big Game Vs The Big Spend

By 6th February 2017 No Comments

It’s that time again. Super Bowl Monday, the day after the night before. The day that Global Brand Directors work out if they spent their thirty seconds, $5M media, production and agency fees wisely. Whether it’s for a well-known high-street brand or one in the luxury or premium sector*, the stakes are high! *Worth noting only automotive brands from premium and luxury sectors placed spots (or could afford them?)

Everyone’s talking about how the Falcons clawed it back to turn a game around. The only time a Super Bowl has gone into overtime. Were the ads as committed?

Building a Super bowl spot is a mammoth achievement in its own right. Months of planning, script writing and concept development. Brands need to make sure integration happens in all channels, digital and social, as they are often planned to react live to the game. Now that’s scary stuff…

And of course the hardest bit. The months of keeping everyone’s faith. If you’re a luxury / premium client who’s going to spend that much money on a single spot, then the agency’s toughest job is convincing everyone in your team to keep the faith and believe you have a winner. Finally, you put it out there for the world to decide…

Did anyone do what the Falcon’s did and turn-out to be an unexpected winner? Now wouldn’t that be exciting.

The biggest budget ads of the year are out there for you to decide if there’s a winner. Do you like passion, humor, a good cause, a celebrity face, or cool tech? It’s a bit like picking your car.  So we’ll let you play CD and pick for yourself.

Check out Adblitz on YouTube and have your say… We’re not saying who gets our vote but we always like an underdog.